Part 1 – Boomer by Tom Malczyk

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Tom MalczykBoomer
From the author:
Today’s unions are going the same direction as the dinosaur. Through the federal government’s intervention creating laws against the working man, as well as the corrupt business managers stealing the membership’s hard-earned money, a hardworking man doesn’t stand a chance. My suggestions: first, eliminate the teacher’s union. Recognize talented, truly intelligent minds and guide them to competent colleges that are not sports enthusiasts. Get this nation energy self-sufficient by completing the numerous nuclear projects that are abandoned and partially completed. There is no reason to have the US military in other parts of the world. Today, there are 510,000 troops abroad at an enormous cost. Stop this insanity. Democracy doesn’t work in other nations. Realize this and accept it. End the self-righteous condemnation of other peoples’ lives. If someone uses dope other than yours, don’t let it bother you. Tobacco and booze is fine for you. Heroine, reefer, and cocaine are fine for others.

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