Part 1 – Dancing in the Light by Keith McNair

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Keith McNairDancing in the Light

Three lives originally traveling on separate roads of life. Each totally unaware of the others existence, until fate was called upon to bring them together for a common purpose. One woman in search of something she never experienced, while seeking to make a better life for herself and those around her. A single minded personality who would discover that life was about more than being successful. One man walking a thin line as a single parent, while hoping to reclaim a paradise that he believed was taken from him much too soon. A second woman, whose faith in the human spirit was unshakable. Yet, that faith would be tried and tested and she would find that her life would be touched in ways she could have never imagined. Who will survive and reach their goals, and who would fail? The answers lie within the pages of… Dancing in the Light, a black romance novel.

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