Part 1 – Disgrazia by Remo Gino Farinelli

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Remo Gino FarinelliDisgrazia

Disgrazia deals with the death of author Remo Gino Farinelli‘s wife by giving birth to healthy twins on Christmas day and the resulting aftermath. The task of telling his five year old son that his mother was not coming home. In the fathers efforts to raise his children he married a widow with a small daughter. They adopted each other’s children. Within a couple of years the new wife took all of the children and left her husband. She divorced her husband and accused him with child abuse. He was denied visitation until the courts investigated. Finally he was allowed to visit his children but with an escort. His children refused to see him. For a long time the courts attempted to provide visitation for the father but without success. Finally the older son ran away from his adopted mother and went to his father. To this day the father has not seen his twins.

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