Part 1 – Gaither’s Corner by Chuck McCullough

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Chuck McCulloughGaither's Corner

According to author Chuck McCullough, human history reveals a continuing line of mankind’s desire for, fear of, and countless visions of divinity. “If one’s earliest memories are of God being reality rather than a faith statement, the effects of that earliest indoctrination can be, if not eternal, at least so powerful as to demand years of exposure to other possibilities for it to lose its hold on the psyche,” he further states.

This book, therefore, reflects one’s struggles to survive abuse at the hands of devout, sincere, religious people. Many times, the author encountered a caution that forbid him to question God, an admonition that underscored the power of this abuse. Although God’s existence cannot be proven, the author envisions a loving and just God in place of the jealous, vindictive, and blood-demanding God depicted in much of the canonized writings.

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