Part 2 – Gaither’s Corner by Chuck McCullough

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Chuck McCulloughGaither's Corner

Chuck McCullough, author of Gaither’s Corner, delves deeper into his beliefs about God and religion, and tells us what the reaction to his book has been from his friends and loved ones.

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    One Response to “Part 2 – Gaither’s Corner by Chuck McCullough”
    1. While listening to this author, ex-pastor my heart went out because of one statement that he made, “since we don’t know that there is a God…” I feel so sorry for him that he was unable to come to the knowledge that there is a God!The leaders and mentors that raised him themselves must not have know the Real and Living God. Being raised by a Pastor Dad I was taught that God is a Big Enough God to handle WHATEVER questions I may have. My relationship with God through HIs Son has given us the privildge and opportunity to go into the presence of God with whatever questions, concerns or worries we have. I have such compassion on those who were raised to think that God can’t be questioned. Anytime we go into His presence with the express desire to hear from Him, He will answer.

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