Part 5 – Gaither’s Corner by Chuck McCullough

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Chuck McCulloughGaither's Corner

Chuck McCullough, author of Gaither’s Corner, tells us that in today’s world, he sees signs of despair but also great signs of hope.

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    One Response to “Part 5 – Gaither’s Corner by Chuck McCullough”
    1. Larry Guillot says:

      This week I received Gaither’s Corner and today I have listened to the podcast (in five short installments). I had read a section of the book (God and Chuck holding a conversation through his computer) and I look forward to reading all of the book the way Chuck has put it together. Soon I will return to share my reactions.

      In the podcasts there are references to “dogmatic” religion and theology and to historical theology, e.g. how the early creed statements were formed. I think Chuck is exploring a good and important kind of religious expression, some call it “narrative theology”. It is the story of religious experience and reflection as told by the author. As the author’s story, it is incontrovertible. More, it provides an insight into the very strict evangelical world in which Chuck has raised and how his thinking and life, sometimes painfully, many times joyfully, have evolved over the years of his life.

      Having been with Chuck as a fellow chaplain in campus ministry some 40 years ago, I welcome this chance to see how his story began before I knew him and how it has turned out since. What can more interesting about a person than the deeply personal story of the central events and values over a lifetime journey!

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