Part 1 – Gimmickry by Jay Wenderoth

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Gimmickry: In the Search for More Money [Whatever Works in the Scheme of Things]

America´s direction is rabid deficit spending which moves the economy. Wealth aside, this business appears a no win since Congress mortgaged America for spending money. The reverse mortgage for seniors follows the same path. The senior is asked to sacrifice equity for spending money.

The book traces a history of money in America, past and present. America today, like other countries in the global scheme of things, is a domesticated international. Great Britain ruled for two and a half centuries; pound sterling was the exchange, this during America’s emergence. There was a transfer of power after two World Wars. America and the Soviet Union took up the pace. The dollar exchange won out in 1989.

In the new world order, the Middle East, Asia, China, the European Union, third world countries, and terrorism emerged. Warfare continues! In 2010, is the dollar waning? What will be the future formidable currency exchange? Money knows no boundary and it has no flag.

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