Part 1 – Heart of The Prisoner by Brad Moschetti

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Brad MoschettiHeart of The Prisoner

Deep and insightful words play behind the pages of author Brad Moschetti’s book, Heart of the Prisoner. True to its name, the book is a compilation of poems revealing the emotions and sentiments of one man who bares his soul for the world to see.

Heart of the Prisoner contains one hundred and three pages of poetry with a broad range of moods and styles. They offer insight into the life of a prisoner and the emotions that he is feeling. The poems contain passionate writing about diverse subjects and themes.

Reading the poems in Heart of the Prisoner, one would never guess that the author once served twelve years behind bars. Author Brad Moschetti’s poems are both reflective and thoughtful, in that he can look out at the world around him, and bring it inside, where he twists it around within the realm of the personal and the emotional. His love for family appears repeatedly throughout the collection of his poems. A fervent devotee, he pays tribute to his love for a woman, as is evidenced in “Masterpiece”.

“Michelangelo could paint a perfect cloud
Van Gogh loved a starry night
But I have my own masterpiece
As she shines on just as bright”

Reading this collection repeatedly will surely touch your hearts each time. It is certainly a worthy first book by a reflective and moving author.

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