Mark Whitacre Against All Odds by Floyd Perry – Part 2

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Ginger and Mark WhitacreMark Whitacre Against All Odds
In this touching story about the highest-level executive to turn whistleblower of all time, Mark Whitacre tells all. Enormously revealing and moving, this biography shares with its readers how, via faith in God and the patient love of his wife Ginger, Mark is today an inspiring spiritual force for good in the world. Written with finesse and passion, Mark Whitacre Against All Odds reveals the family’s perspective, especially how Ginger kept Mark alive. Through her, his story begins where most other men’s end—prison.

It details how Whitacre got down on his knees in a filthy cell and begged God for guidance; how, from that moment on, he removed fears or doubts in his existence. Liberated after nearly a decade in prison, Whitacre’s essential message is simple—live by the Golden Rule, always tell the truth, look for the good in everyone, and know that spiritual wealth is far more important than material wealth.

Author Floyd Perry invites everyone to learn why Whitacre is called a national hero by the FBI and a spiritual inspiration by Paul A. Willis who wrote the Foreword. Discover how Whitacre is now dedicated to living in accordance with spiritual principles that apply to everyone’s life. Well-written, candid,
and sincere, Mark Whitacre Against All Odds is one of the best of the world’s tell-alls—as genial, eccentric, and unique as Whitacre’s life. Read this book and discover how Mark Whitacre has triumphed against all odds.

Says the author “People say there is nothing certain in life except death and taxes. Well, you can add one more thing to that. The only other thing that is as certain in life as death and taxes is that Ginger and Mark Whitacre will never get divorced. It is an impossibility because their love is unshakable.”

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    2 Responses to “Mark Whitacre Against All Odds by Floyd Perry – Part 2”
    1. Mr.Perry Re: Dr. Mark Whitacre
      I would like to thank you for writing AGAINST ALL ODDS about Dr. Whitacre. What a wonderful read!!! I just received it in my mail today from Dr. Whitacre. A gift sent just for me. You, my dear sir, are a very, very good writer. While the ether catches many e-mails, I hope you will just ask Dr. Whitacre about me. I would also like to say that just as Dr. Whitacre was a national hero, I think, too, that Mrs. Whitacre is a national hero. I have no doubt that you know that.

      I must close now because I sat up way past my bedtime to read your book. 274 pages is a much easier read than THE PUZZLE PALACE, which was written by James Bamford. It took me two weeks to get that information in my head. Your’s was much easier. For that I thank you.

      Again, thanks for giving me much better insight into Dr. and Mrs. Whitacre’s life.

      Tomorrow morning I intend to look up a few websites that will help me to help you make your plea for him and his Presidential Pardon. You see, I am a Creative Writer. I fully intend to join your fight and try to do all I can.


      Joyce A. Phillips
      732 W. Forest Ave.
      Decatur, IL 62522

    2. I would like to also do a tell all book…. and, see if Mr. Floyd Perry would help me….. with my story….

      Please fowrard my request to Mr. Froyed Perry…

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