Part 1 – Rogue Progeny by L. Rolland Williams

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L. Rolland WilliamsRogue Progeny

Rogue Progeny tells the story of Androids who transform into human beings when they are infected by an alien virus. The androids’ new self-awareness is perceived as a threat by the Human Creators. Daedalus Jones, a private investigator, is thrust into this dangerous mix when the CyRand Corporation, manufacturers of the Androids, hire him to retrieve Jared 9 Sybarite, the Android Patient Zero spreading the virus to his robotic brethren. Jones must find Jared 9. But Jones is not the only one searching for the rogue android. Ominous forces want Sybarite dead before he spreads the virus throughout the Android Populace. And they will terminate anyone foolish enough to get in their way.

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