Part 4 – The Demihuman Archives by Marc Mattaliano

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Marc MattalianoThe Demihuman Archives

In this podcast episode author Marc Mattaliano gives us his take on what’s wrong with fantasy and sci-fi books today, and tells us why his new novel, The Demihuman Archives, is different.

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    One Response to “Part 4 – The Demihuman Archives by Marc Mattaliano”
    1. Vince says:

      You’ve absolutely NAILED IT! I think you’re right, in that much of modern sci-fi/fantasy often focuses on the technology or on lavishly descriptive writing, rather than on substance. And in their desire to provide an escape, many modern authors have abandoned relevance, as you so aptly put it. I think that The Demihuman Archives provides the reader with relevant story lines, and characters with an almost frightently real connection with our own, human selves.

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