Part 1 – Time To Go To Grandma’s House! by Marie Barnes

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Marie BarnesTime To Go To Grandma's House!

Daja, Daidriana, and little Chris are excited to visit their Grandma Ree Ree. They keep thinking about Grandma’s house, and how much fun they would have with Grandma. They would listen and dance as Grandma would play the keyboard and sing. They would sometimes play games, color, and draw in the house filled with fun.

Time To Go To Grandma’s House! follows not only the childrens’ exciting visit, but also their discovery of the story of Noah’s Arc through fun book reading and film showing. Throughout the entertaining pages, readers will join in the lesson-filled activities enjoyed by the children and their grandmother.

Filled with vibrant illustrations and amusing characters, Time To Go To Grandma’s House! provides an unforgettable bonding activity that can be shared by grandparents, parents, and children.

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