Under Every Rock by Mark Eibert – Part 1

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Mark EibertUnder Every Rock
This is a true account of Jason Lightfoot, who has worked in the behind the scenes intelligence gathering and black ops field for the past twenty-six years. Jason takes you through his training, and overseas operations in the first part of his career.

When the nineteen Islamic terrorists hijacked and flew those four commercial passenger jets into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and crashed the fourth one into a Pennsylvania field, killing three thousand innocent people, his world changes. Jason has his own methods of interrogating, finding and eliminating the mujahideen that are located on American, Mexican and Canadian soil. His unknown employers use the finances that are frozen or seized from Terrorist Organizations to finance these operations. Probably one of the most secure facilities in the United States is built in the Nevada desert. Everything Jason needs is at his disposal, and he uses it all to his advantage over the hidden terrorists cells located in the United States. Whether you agree with Jason’s methods or not, his results can’t be argued.

Mark Eibert has been involved in the most secretive operations against extremists and terrorism, abroad and on American soil. He has had over thirty different identities in his lengthy career, and is fluent in eight languages.

At 54, he has endured the most extreme training available and maintains this strenuous training regime daily. This makes him one of the oldest operatives still working in the field today. In his twenty-six year span in the intelligence community he continues traveling overseas and in the USA.

Mark lives in Las Vegas and works out of an unknown location in the Nevada desert.

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    One Response to “Under Every Rock by Mark Eibert – Part 1”
    1. revchuck says:

      It is interesting to me that the information gathering methods Mr. Eibert finds acceptable are those he also admits are those that”everyone else calls torture.” Thereby he hoists himself on his own pitard.

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