Go Viral! Using Your Author Widgets

As an author who purchased a Silver or Gold Podcast Package, you have the additional opportunity to help your podcast interview “go viral” with a custom podcast widget or audio player.

These widgets can be placed on any blog or website that can display a Flash object (almost all websites can). Not only is this a great way to share your podcast with your fans, but it’s also easy for them to help spread the word about your book by embedding the widget on their own website or blog.

Here’s how it works:

We have sent two .txt files that contain the html code you or your webmaster needs to add to your website. This code does not need to be modified in any way. You can copy it from the text file and paste it into your website files.

The text file labeled “Widget Code” will produce a widget similar to this:

The size of this widget is 300 pixels by 300 pixels. If you need to fit it into a smaller space on your website (such as a narrow sidebar), the code can easily be modified to make the widget smaller. In the code, you’ll see “height=’300′” appear once and “width=’300′” appear twice. Simply change the values to the size you want. For instance, if your sidebar is 160 pixels wide, change all values to 160. Just make sure the height and width are always the same value to keep the widget square.

The text file labeled “Audio Player Code” will produce an audio player similar to this:

This audio player will automatically stretch across the full width of the space it’s been placed in. If you would like to set the player to a certain width, you can do this just as you did above. Twice in the code you’ll see “width=’100%'” Just change this value to the size you’d like. For instance, if you would like the audio player to be 450 pixels wide, change to “width=’450′” and this will automatically update on your site.

Let’s Go Viral!
If your fans want to place this audio players on their own website or blog, it’s as easy as sharing a YouTube video. On the widget, they can click the “Share” link to find the embed code. On the audio player, they will click the “< / >” symbol. It’s as easy as that!

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